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    West Ham ID & Training Session

    To build on our successful events the last couple of years, we are going to bring back West Ham United trainers to Bell Branch for a fantastic experience for our players. The ID session will utilize the same drills and coaching philosophies used at their highly-rated Category 1 academy. The coaches are highly experienced and meet the impeccable standards of the English Premier League. The competitive and progressive nature of the Player ID Session, National Camps, and the international academy experience in Europe, adds a dynamic not found in any other soccer camp experience.

    Summer Soccer Training

    For our 8th annual Summer Soccer Training, we will once again be opening it up to our World Cup players. Perfect for all soccer players, our evening soccer training sessions teach the basic and advanced techniques of soccer, including dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting. Players will be broken up into the appropriate age groups to ensure the training age appropriate. As always, our experienced trainers keep it fun and lively, with a World Cup tournament and other engaging activities. Your player will come home happy, tired and ready for more the next day!

    Youth Winter Futsal - U-06 to U-08

    We are excited to announce our 2019 winter program opportunities available to all of our 2011, 2012 and 2013 players! Once again this winter, A3 is adding a Brazilian trainer to oversee the training sessions at Crofton Elementary. The session will take place during January and February.

    Winter Player Development Program

    The program is specifically designed to improve each player's individual technical abilities, speed of decision making and tactical understanding by maximizing touches. The program is available for players (boys and girls) U8 - U19.

    High School Prep Camp

    A3 is excited to host an elite high school aged camp that will serve as vital preparation for a player's Fall season - whether they are an incoming high school freshman trying to make the program, a rising senior trying to lead it, or anywhere in between. If you want your players arriving to preseason / tryouts in peak physical fitness and technical proficiency, please forward this opportunity and encourage them to register for one or both three-day sessions.


    A3 Soccer provides access to goalkeeper training by Coach Ian Edwards. Coach Ian has been with us for years and we're happy to say that we have a 100% satisfaction rate. His training is provided weekly with the aim to introduce the fundamentals of Goalkeeping for beginners, while offering more advanced skills for more experienced Goalkeepers. Weekly sessions guarantee Goalkeepers will develop and improve their skills to play in the most specialized position on the field. Goalkeepers will work on the following areas over the 8 week program: Ball Handling Skills, Diving Saves, Footwork, Angle Play and Positioning, Breakaway Saves 1v1, Distribution, & High Catching.

    Clubwide Fitness & DAtE Night

    The club has determined over time that one of the more significant gaps in our ability to provide a well-rounded athletic experience, is the lack of a comprehensive and club-wide approach to proper stretching and warmup routine. We know that many youth soccer injuries are unpreventable; however, many clubs (youth, college, & professional) are now incorporating dynamic exercises that help players improve on their flexibility, focus, stamina, balance, core strength, etc. Moreover, we also know that a commitment to making better athletes helps mitigate potential injuries - especially in girls. We are making a commitment to our players by making this a free part of our club.

    Soccer Tennis

    This is a GREAT game for developing a player's "first-touch" and building confidence. The best thing is that the kids LOVE IT! We all know how important it is to have a "positive first touch" during a match. Soccer Tennis will create hundreds of quality touches while the players are having fun. Without even trying, they will learn to receive chest balls, thigh controls, instep volleys and more. Soon they will be sliding sideways to get in front of the pass instead of poking out with their legs.


    Our Scrimmagefest has grown from 7 teams in one age group in 2013, to nearly 80 teams last year. As the name indicates, this is a scrimmagefest and it is set up to provide a warm-up to the fall season. It is meant to be competitive, but not at the expense of having fun. Great opportunity for travel teams and Division 1 County teams to get together and play games.



    Future Events

    We are planning to offer additional events throughout the year. We are always looking for ideas so please let us know if you have any --

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