A3 Scholarship

As everyone is aware, A3 Soccer is committed to the development of our youth on the soccer fields as well as in the classroom. We understand that it takes a ton of hard work and dedication to becoming a student-athlete in college. We also understand being a multi-sport athlete provides a great building block to kids from a physical and social perspective. As a result, we are proud to announce a new college scholarship for a deserving multi-sport player who demonstrates exceptional character, leadership, and a commitment to serving our community.

To be eligible for this scholarship, a player must:

  • Applicant must be in High School or College during Fall 2019.
  • If applicant is a high school age player, he/she must be registered with A3 Soccer.
  • If applicant is in college, he/she must provide proof of having played with A3 Soccer.
  • Applicant must document that he/she played other sports with the Crofton Athletic Council.
  • Applicant must provide at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher.
  • Applicant must provide a recommendation from current A3 Coach or Asst. Coach.

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Scholarship Winners

Fall 2019 - tbd