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Camp Policies

Location   All camps are located in Anne Arundel County at either Bell Branch Athletic Complex or Riva Trace Baptist Church



A3 Camp Policies

Drop-Off Options

Parents are welcome to hang around, however, drop-off is available. There will be an emergency contact on file for each day and verified check-in and pick-up occurring as well. 


Staff Ratio

We will have an adult staff ratio of 1 Head Counselor and 1 Junior Counselor for every 10-15 players. The junior counselors will be available to assist with bathroom breaks and keeping an eye on all individuals at all times. 


Snack Breaks

Throughout the camp itself, there will be several breaks and campers are encouraged to bring their own snacks. 


Camp Transfer 

If a participant can no longer attend during the registered session, the family may work with the A3 Director of Premier Operations to transfer to another camp. Note, no transfers are guaranteed and they may be subject to additional fees if being requested within 24 hours of the camp starting.

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