Board of Directors

Anyone involved with youth soccer knows that running a successful organization requires commitment, hard work, dedication, and organization. To keep the club running efficiently, a structure needs to be established that allows the right people to fill the right roles. It is essential that each person needs to perform his or her job well to keep the club performing at a high level.

Like other organizations, our Board members are responsible for overseeing the major aspects of the organization, including setting the budget, the club’s mission, vision and values, and the hiring of key positions. Each member has a distinct role and responsibility for which he is accountable for. As a group, we make decisions that benefit the club as a whole and vote on key initiatives.

Our organization delegates the day to day operations of the club to an executive director, whose responsibilities include but are not limited to oversight of soccer operations, administration, special projects, and events.

Board of Director Roles

  • President: The President is responsible for the overall success and growth of an organization. He runs the meetings and holds other board members and staff members accountable for upholding the organization’s mission, vision, and values. He or she should facilitate discussions and votes.
  • Vice President: The Vice President works closely with the President to carry out the organization’s core initiatives and can stand-in for the President if he or she is absent from a meeting, vote or event.
  • Secretary: The Secretary documents the minutes of board meetings and records the results of voting measures and decisions. He is also the keeper of board member information.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the club’s finances and budget. He runs the organization’s accounts and is tasked with distributing and depositing funds as needed.
  • At-Large: The At-Large member is responsible for supporting club initiatives.

Our organization is fortunate to have individuals, serving on the Board, with diverse professional experience in the following fields:  legal, accounting, health, law enforcement, and business.  Anyone interested in serving as a potential Board member, please e-mail with details of why you'd like to serve and your experience (professional, non-profit, and youth sports) that you'd like consdiered.  Lastly, please include an updated curriculum vitae.

Each of our Board members has been a parent of at least one player in our organization.  The members also have experience in the coaching and team manager roles and between them, they have nearly 60 combined years of service to our organization.