A3 Soccer is offering Futures Soccer to players born between 2015 (U07) and 2018 (U04).

Our Europa League is for players born in 2018 (U04). Its purpose is to establish a skill foundation based on fundamentals through a clinic environment.

The Champions League is for players born 2017 (U05). The Champions League will allow our young players to get an introduction to the world's favorite sport.

Our own version of the World Cup, for players born between 2016 (U06) and 2015 (U07), will introduce players to regular fields, referees, goals, and positions.

All parts of the program will emphasize learning, development, and fun!


Europa League

A clinic based league for 2018 players.

Our league allows our U04 (born 2018) players to be introduced to the game in a total clinic environment (no games) which will focus on teaching players to develop basic motor skills such as walking, running and changing directions.

Champions League

A recreational league for 2017 players.

As many of you know, due to feedback from parents and coaches, we restructured the Champions League to incorporate more professional training. This was done to improve the skill-building experience for all players. We are confident this new approach has enhanced the experience for parents, coaches, and players. The teams conduct their clinics and games every Saturday morning. The clinic runs 35-40 minutes and immediately transitions into a ~20 minute game with teams matched up against each other. The clinic is conducted by a professional trainer who demonstrates "games" for the teams. Coaches are expected to learn the games so they can reinforce the lessons learned during practices. The new format allows inexperienced coaches the opportunity to develop coaching skills on the field. This will enable both the coaches and players a fun, interactive time with their teams with a high level of instruction. The players and coaches will stay together throughout the session. Teams will be provided team jerseys to represent their Champions League team - Manchester, Inter, Liverpool, Real, etc.

World Cup

A recreational soccer league for 2016 amd 2015 players.

Games and practices are at Bell Branch - 2400 Davidsonville Road. Practices are one night a week and games are on the weekend (Saturday morning). The season will last approximately 9 weeks. League play features recreational soccer with games played on a short-sided field, 5v5, and referees. Game scores and statistics are not kept. The emphasis is on fun and transitioning to county/premier soccer. Teams will be provided team jerseys to represent their international World Cup team - USA, England, Germany, Spain, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there separate leagues for boys and girls?

Yes! We are now offering all-boys and all-girls soccer!

My child has never played soccer. Is A3's Futures soccer for him or her?

Yes, Futures soccer is often the first organized sport many kids play. No soccer experience is necessary for any of the intramural leagues.


How do I register my child?

Only online registrations are accepted.

When does registration open and close?

Registration for Spring opens on or about January 1st and on or about June 15th for Fall. Registration usually remains open for approximately 45 days. Futures registration will usually stay open a few weeks longer than the rest of the programs.

How do I volunteer to help out?

When registering your child, please make a note in the Parent Volunteer section.

May I request the same volunteer from last season?

Yes, but we can't guarantee all requests will be honored. Please enter the volunteer's name during registration. Only requests submitted through the website will be considered.

My child can only practice on a certain day of the week. May I request a practice night?

No, our World Cup teams attend professional training on Friday nights. Europa and Champions League players have all of their activities on Saturday mornings.

Can I request my child be on the same team as another child?

Yes, but we can't guarantee all requests will be honored. Please enter any special requests during registration. Only requests submitted through the website will be considered.

Futures Schedule:

January/June Futures Registration Opens

March/August Coaches notified and teams formed

Late March/Late August Coaches organizational meeting (time and place TBD)*

Late March/Late August Parents should be notified of team placement

Early April//Early September First games (Saturday)

Early June/Early November Last games & rain make-ups (if necessary)

*- Dates subject to change.

Equipment Soccer

Soccer cleats are strongly recommended but shin guards are required and must be worn inside socks. Each child will be given a team shirt.


These are the heart and soul of our soccer program. If you are interested in coaching, assistant coaching, or helping our commissioner, please complete the Parent Volunteer section of the registration form and plan on attending our coach's organizational meeting and clinic. The season will not start on time if we don't get enough coaches on time, so please consider volunteering if at all possible. We will provide you with all of the equipment, information, and support you need, even if you have never played soccer or coached before.

More Information

Please visit www.a3soccer.com for more information, e-mail Futures Commissioner Paddy Meleady.