Futsal Manager

The A3 Futsal Manager is a new position and will be instrumental in furthering A3 Soccer’s player development approach. This position will contribute to the design of a project plan for the implementation of futsal programs at the local club, recreational, and adult level.  The Futsal Program Manager will be responsible for executing and monitoring the development of this plan and provide futsal education opportunities for players and coaches. This position requires an enthusiastic, outgoing individual with a passion for organizing events, setting up programs, and with an extensive background in soccer and futsal.  The Futsal Program Manager must be self-motivated, result oriented, creative, and able to problem solve.


  • Manage and own Futsal program goals and measures
  • Design project plans for the following programs:
    • Competitive ID Teams
    • Futsal Camp
    • Adult Futsal League
    • Youth Futsal League
  • Promote, market, and secure teams for youth and adult leagues
  • Serve as main point of contact for all A3 futsal related events/programs
  • Execute project plans as written with ability to adapt as necessary
  • Recruit, develop, and oversee a team of Futsal staffers to include coaches and trainers
  • Maintain relationship with facilities by being responsible and accountable for the care of facility
  • Establish and implement of Futsal/Soccer training systems, goals, policies, objectives, procedures, and practice curriculum; development, and coordination
  • Run Futsal/Soccer clinics, training programs, workshops, educational programs, seminars, preseason meetings, practices, Assist in conducting school outreach programs; presentation
  • Act as a liaison and maintain lines of communication between A3 Board of Directors, Executive Director, Director of Premier Operations, Club Administrator, staff, members, referees, parents, school administrators, and private sector personnel;


  • Possess a strong knowledge of the rules of Futsal/Soccer;
  • Possess substantial Futsal/Soccer playing and/or coaching experience
  • Require effective communication, organizational, and dispute resolution skills, especially with children, and maintain a flexible schedule; professional and/or international playing/coaching experience is a plus.


From A3 Directors, Club Admin, Coaching Staff, Volunteers


Compensation package commensurate with experience


Submit resume and cover letter to president@a3soccer.com