Jr. Academy

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We recognize that there are many talented U08 players who would benefit from a more focused soccer learning environment, which continues to nurture their development and prepare them for either recreational or competitive soccer. 

Our program provides players a professional environment with professional coaches utilizing the Play, Practice, Play (PPP) model championed by the United States Soccer Federation.  "For me, a good training session, a youth training session, is organized chaos."  Lisa Cole, Washington Spirit Pro Scout and Development Academy.

The program focuses on individual skills and small group play, which are essential for good personal and team performances.  Games will be played both in-house and possibly against other local clubs with the emphasis being on effort and development, not outcome. 

Our professional coaches will not only educate the players about the game, but give players and parents a view of the skills and techniques necessary for long-term soccer success.  Training topics will focus on dribbling, receiving, passing, ball striking, and principles of attacking and defending in a 1v1 and 2v2 situations, as well as a continued effort to expand each players own coordination, balance, body movement and confidence.

The program is designed to inspire young players to learn and develop a passion for the game of soccer. The program is designed to bridge the gap between our World Cup and U09 County or Premier soccer.

Players will receive written evaluations at the end of each season and a recommendation for either recreational or competitive soccer.